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Flag of Arizona, across from Wesley Boli

Welcome to my website. I am grateful that you are here. Take a look around. If you have any questions, call me.
- Eric Sanders, Broker/Owner

Why Sell to Sell Now Arizona?

If it Makes Sense to You.
You should only sell your house to me, or anyone else for that matter, if you are happy with the offer. You should be confident that the person you are working with will do what they say. Most people choose to sell to me because of convenience. They don't want to make repairs, evict tenants, allow open houses, or deal with inexperienced buyers, for example.

I'm Local.
I live and work in Tempe, Arizona. The valley is my home. I have a vested interest in our mutual success. If we work together in a mutually beneficial way, you benefit. My family and my community also benefit.
I'm a Small Business.
It's just me and my small staff. Sell Now Arizona is my way of showing that small businesses can compete with and hopefully win against the large corporations and wall street private equity that currently dominate the housing industry here in Phoenix.

The Buck Stops with Me.
When you work with me, there are no decisions to be sent to boards of directors, committees, supervising Brokers, or office managers. I make my own decisions and I will stand by those decisions.

I Stick to My Price.
Truth be told, I don't love to negotiate. What I love, is coming to an agreement that we can both honor. That means that I will honor my price to you.

I Close on Time.
When a closing date is scheduled, it's a big deal. Both buyers and sellers make future plans based on this date. Therefore, you can expect me to take it very seriously.
I Buy in "AS-IS" Condition. 
No need for costly repairs, staging, or clean-out. Take what you want and leave me the rest.

I Take Over Existing Tenants.
I can close without disturbing your tenants. I can honor any existing lease.

Move Out When You Decide.
Need to sell but haven't found your new home yet? You may be able to stay after closing to allow you the time necessary to find your new home-sweet-home.


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